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Notices and Bulletins


We have received a number of complaints from residents about others who let their dogs deface private and public property. If you walk a dog, keep the dog on a leash, clean up after your dog and keep the dog in the street, not on someone’s front lawn.


Complaints have also been received of excessive long term parking on our streets. Our Covenants state that residents should make an effort to not park on the streets. Please park your cars in your driveway. This is especially important at night where your car may not be seen and may be hit. We have already had such an incident on Derbyshire Drive.


A number of individuals have been observed speeding on Derbyshire and Mayapple Drives. The speed limit is 20 MPH for Derbyshire and 25 MPH for Mayapple. Please observe the speed limits.

Suggestions and or articles should be sent to a MVHA Board Member / Director.
Together we can do great things! We look forward to your participation in this venture.

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