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Mayapple Village Bylaws, Restrictions, and Guidelines

Home Improvements

Regarding exterior home improvement projects, the Mayapple Village Architectural Committee must approve all exterior architectural changes to your house before work begins. These changes include but are not limited to the following:  trim, siding, roof, and door color changes.  In addition, decks, patios, driveways, swimming pools, fencing, porches, home additions, door and window style changes require approval. Some changes require township approval before work can begin. (Article VII, Architectural Control Committee, Mayapple Village HOA Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, Book 365, page 588) Note: Liberty Court has specific paint colors for doors; please see Street Representative for specific information.   

Vehicles and Trailers

No commercial vehicles, trucks (in excess of 3/4ton), trailers, boats, boat trailers, snowmobiles, travel trailers, motor homes or mobile homes may be parked on the streets of Mayapple Village, unless making a delivery. In addition, they are not permitted on the lots in view of surrounding neighbors. (Article II, Section 2, f, Book 365, page 571)

Trash Containers and Recycling Bins

Trash containers and recycling bins are to be screened from surrounding neighbors except on garbage pick-up days. (Article II, Section 2, g, Book 365, page 571) Place trash containers in garages, or screen them in backyard with shrubs.


Residents will make a reasonable effort not to park their vehicles on the streets of the Mayapple Village Community. (Article II, Section 2, o, Book 365, Page 572) Note: Liberty Court residents are encouraged to park extra vehicles or those belonging to visitors on Mayapple Dr. This is done to allow room for emergency vehicle access.

Junk Vehicles

No junk vehicles (vehicles without a valid license plate) may be on the lot in view of surrounding neighbors. (Article II, Section 2, h, Book 365, page 571)

Dog Owners

If you are a dog owner, remember to scoop your dog’s excrement. Please do not let your dog use sidewalks or streets as litter boxes. In addition, some neighbors do not want your dog to urinate or defecate on their property. Respect their property and the golf course property at all times. Note: A leash is required for all dogs in the Mayapple Village community and South Middleton Township.

Yard Art

No statues, sculptures, birdbaths, replicas of animals or other objects that would be visible from the street are to be placed on the lot. (Article II, Section 2, l, Book 365, Page 572)

Golf Course Property

The Mayapple Golf Course is part of the Mayapple Village Community.  Grass clippings, fireplace ashes, garden trimmings, weeds, used charcoal, and pet excrement are not to be dumped/ thrown/left on the golf course or dumped in ground hog holes without Golf Course Grounds Keeper’s written permission.

Speed Limit

The speed limit on Mayapple Drive is 25mph; Derbyshire is 20mph and Kitszell / Liberty is 15mph. The State Police, if requested, will monitor speeds and issue tickets.

Mayapple Village Homeowners Association

Dear Homeowners,

The purpose of this letter is to remind you of your obligations under the Mayapple Village By-Laws and Restrictions, which were given to you at the time of your home purchase. When you purchased your home in the Mayapple Village Community, you, as a homeowner, came under the auspices of a homeowners association.  The purpose of the homeowners’ association is to provide for the preservation of property value in the Mayapple Community: a planned residential community (PRD) with guidelines, rules and restrictions. A list of critical guidelines and restrictions is listed on page two as a reminder/checklist. In addition, the community by-laws and restrictions apply to renters, relatives, and guests of the homeowner/s.  

Unfortunately, violations of these covenants and restrictions are growing. Many of these violations are reported to MVHOA Street Representatives and Board members by your neighbors.  Examples of these violations include – but are not limited to – the following:

  • Trash cans left outside by garages
  • Parking trailers, campers, RV in driveways
  • Outside laundry lines that can be seen by neighbors and golfers
  • Decorative/ seasonal flags, gazing balls, statues, fencing etc. in front yards
  • Parking on grass and across sidewalks
  • Dog excrement on sidewalks
  • Speeds in excess of posted limits on all community streets.
  • Additions and driveway modifications without Architectural Committee review/approval

We continue to thank all residents who abide by the covenants and restrictions of the Association.            

Your Mayapple Village Homeowners Association Board

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