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Mayapple Village Homeowners Association

Dear Homeowners,

The purpose of this letter is to remind you of your obligations under the Mayapple Village By-Laws and Restrictions, which were given to you at the time of your home purchase. When you purchased your home in the Mayapple Village Community, you, as a homeowner, came under the auspices of a homeowners association.  The purpose of the homeowners’ association is to provide for the preservation of property value in the Mayapple Community: a planned residential community (PRD) with guidelines, rules and restrictions. A list of critical guidelines and restrictions is listed on page two as a reminder/checklist. In addition, the community by-laws and restrictions apply to renters, relatives, and guests of the homeowner/s.  

Unfortunately, violations of these covenants and restrictions are growing. Many of these violations are reported to MVHOA Street Representatives and Board members by your neighbors.  Examples of these violations include – but are not limited to – the following:

  • Trash cans left outside by garages
  • Parking trailers, campers, RV in driveways
  • Outside laundry lines that can be seen by neighbors and golfers
  • Decorative/ seasonal flags, gazing balls, statues, fencing etc. in front yards
  • Parking on grass and across sidewalks
  • Dog excrement on sidewalks
  • Speeds in excess of posted limits on all community streets.
  • Additions and driveway modifications without Architectural Committee review/approval

We continue to thank all residents who abide by the covenants and restrictions of the Association.            

Your Mayapple Village Homeowners Association Board

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